Welcome to qd’s documentation!

qd is python3 library for Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). I’ve developed this library, since I was very unhappy with many expensive commercial software tools in our field of work. I believe many new scientific ideas emerge from freedom and simplicity, therefore the main focus of this project was on a good API and Speed. As a result memory took quite some, so watch you RAM when you load a full vehicle.


This library is maintained for bugfixes only. Migrate to lasso-python if possible. Note please, that not all features are available in lasso-python.


Installation can be done by running:

python -m pip install qd

Windows uses precompiled wheels, which includes femzip decompression. Femzip decompression requires the intel libraries libmmd.dll and libiomp5.dll to be in your system path. For Anaconda Python you can easily install them through:

conda install icc_rt mkl

If the installation fails please check the compilation guide below. Compilation is required especially on Linux.

Compilation Guide

Try installation of the precompiled python wheels in the dist folder before compiling it yourself. If your python distribution doesn’t match any of the wheels, then you’re in the right spot here.

Developer Guide

This section is for anyone, who wants to extend this library or build a new tool from it.

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